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What is Project Spraoi

Project Spraoi, is a primary school physical activity and healthy eating intervention. Our vision is to increase children’s physical activity, improve their nutrition and ultimately positively influence the overall health of Irish children.

What we do?

  • Qualified staff called Energizers work with school staff to deliver Project Spraoi. Energizers provide hands on support and assistance to schools and teachers with any initiatives that will increase the quantity and quality of physical activity and improve healthy eating.
  • Project Spraoi is in existence since 2013, it has been delivered in 10 primary schools in Cork including over 3000 children and more than 200 staff.
  • Project Spraoi is co-ordinated by a team of researchers from Cork Institute of Technology and works in partnership with the successful Project Energize, New Zealand. 

Our results so far

Project Spraoi is co-ordinated through a team of researchers from Cork Institute of Technology
A formal evaluation of Project Spraoi took place in 2015. A total of 658 children from 10 schools participated in the evaluation. Results show that Project Spraoi is having a positive impact on the health of primary school children.

  • Project Spraoi schools level of overweight and obesity decreased by 2%
  • Project Spraoi schools daily moderate and vigorous physical activity increased by 13 minutes per day
  • Project Spraoi schools levels of sedentary behaviour decreased  16 minutes per day
  • 97% of Project Spraoi children agreed water was healthy or very healthy

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