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  • “I like Spraoi because it is fun, we play lots of games and our Spraoi coach is really nice.”  (Girl, second class)
  • “I love Spraoi because I really like sports and we get time out of school. It’s a good way to clear your mind.” (Girl, sixth class)
  • “Project Spraoi means running around, having fun, playing with friends and learning to eat healthy.” (Boy, fifth class)
  • “Spraoi is fun, we learn fun games and how to choose healthy foods.” (Girl, third class)



  • “This is a fantastic resource for our daughter. We love to hear that she is active at school and learning about a healthy lifestyle.”( Parent Girl, fifth class)
  • “I am delighted that my child does extra physical activity every day and is made aware of healthy eating choices. I think this should be in all schools and part of the curriculum. There is not enough P.E. in Irish schools.”( Parent, Girl first class)
  • “I couldn’t bribe my son to eat anything other than Coco-Pops for breakfast. I was stunned when he arrived home after your talk about healthy breakfasts and asked if I could go to the shop to get some Weetabix for him to try. He’s been eating Weetabix all week now, its brilliant. Keep up the good work!” (Parent Boy, fifth class)



  • “My pupils engaged so well during Spraoi time and the energy that the Energiser brought to each lesson was fantastic”. (Teacher, second class)
  • “The children in my class are now more aware of healthy eating. It has also been extremely beneficial for the less active children.”  (Teacher, fifth class)
  • “It’s a great initiative. If it could develop and someday hold its own place in the curriculum that would be brilliant.” (Teacher, fifth class)
  • “My class are definitely more aware of the nutritional value of food as a result of Project Spraoi. They are also much more active and the ‘Stride for 5’ initiative really pushed the children who may not be very fit to reach a goal in something they never have before.” (Teacher, sixth class)
  • “I think the delivery of Project Spraoi has been excellent. The activities are varied and preparation of the Energiser and commitment is obvious.” (Teacher, fifth class)


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